Two Reasons’ To Increase The Possibility

Will there be a “nuclear bomb” that could change the game of the English Premier League EPL.

Recently, the EPL has become the “world” of Manchester City. Manchester City has won three consecutive EPL games until last season, and is also in first place this season. Manchester City is widely expected to win its first four consecutive EPL games this season. It is the era of ‘Awman City Manchester City wins anyway.’

Analysts say that he has set up the strongest squad in Manchester City’s history. Compared to other rival clubs, Manchester City’s unrivaled position is the striker. Monster striker Erling Holland’s presence is overwhelming rival clubs.

Holland broke the EPL’s all-time record with 36 goals last season, and this season he was ranked first in scoring with 11 goals.

In other words, it is a situation in which a striker who is not behind Holland can be tied with Manchester City. Is there any striker in the soccer world who is not behind Holland. There is only one. It is Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain PSG. Holland and Mbappe are superstars who form the next generation of rivals like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

It was reported that Liverpool is seeking to recruit Mbappe. If Liverpool embraces Mbappe, Manchester City’s solo system will inevitably falter.

Real Madrid’s Mbappe transfer rumor is over. Then, it was reported that Liverpool was the most likely candidate Mbappe could transfer.

England’s Express said, “Liverpool have two cards that increase the chances of signing Mbappe. There are two important factors that increase the cause of Liverpool’s attempt to sign a Mbappe contract, he reported.

The media said, “The first card is Jurgen Klopp’s relationship with Mbappe. Klopp showed a long-standing interest in Mbappe, and treated him with all his heart. When Mbappe played for AS Monaco, Klopp met to recruit Liverpool. Mbappe can be fascinated by the possibility of working with a world master who has admired him for years,” he explained.

In fact, Mbappe said, “Five years ago, I talked to Klopp when I was at AS Monaco. Liverpool is a good club, a big club,” he once said.

Coach Klopp also said, “Of course, I’m still interested in Mbappe now. We are not blind. It’s strange not to see Mbappe. Still, I like Mbappe,” he said, showing his unwavering affection.

The media released the second card: Paija Ramari, Mbappe’s mother. It is known that the mother’s influence is greatly influenced by Mbappe’s movement. Liverpool is my mother’s favorite club.

The media outlet said, “The second card is the support of the Mbappe family. Mbappe’s mother is a lifelong Liverpool fan,” he explained. In the past, Mbappe said, “My mother’s favorite club is Liverpool, and she loves Liverpool. I talked a lot about Liverpool with my mother. I don’t know why, and I think I should ask my mother.”

Finally, the media outlet said, “With Real Madrid eliminated, Liverpool has become the front-runner to recruit Mbappe. “Pre-contract negotiations can begin in January,” he predicted. 스포츠토토사이트

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