73 Billion Won in Losses When Sold → Manchester United is agonizing over

I have to sell it, but the damage is too big.

“Borussia Dortmund is willing to recruit Jadon Sancho again.”

From the 2017-2018 season when he moved from Manchester City to Dortmund, Sancho appeared in 137 official matches, scoring 50 goals and 64 assists. Sancho has grown into the Bundesliga’s top offensive resource.

Sancho, who moved to Manchester United for £73 million (W124 billion), has been disappointed ever since.

Sancho’s relationship with Erik ten Hag has completely changed. The problem was a match between Manchester United and Arsenal in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Premier League held in September last year.

Sancho was not on the list for United’s 1-3 defeat. He was substituted in all three of his previous matches, but was ruled out against Arsenal.
“Sancho was not chosen because of his performance at the training ground,” Ten Hag told a news conference after the match. “Everyone has to reach a certain level every day in Manchester United. We can choose from the front line. That’s why Sancho was not selected in this match,” he said, explaining why he was excluded.

In response, Sancho directly rebelled against Ten Haq, writing on his personal social media: “Please don’t believe everything you read! I will not allow people to say something that is completely untrue. I worked really well in training this week.”

It was not Manchester United who would leave the player’s “argument” unattended. “Sancho will be excluded from the training of the first team until the issue of discipline in the squad is resolved,” Manchester United announced on its official channel. Since then, Sancho has sought a new team to leave Manchester United, and his former team Dortmund has reached out to him.

On January 11, Dortmund officially announced the signing of Sancho on loan on its official website. There is no option to completely transfer to the club due to a loan deal for the rest of the season. Sancho will play in his No. 10 jersey for the rest of the season.
Sancho has yet to display a robust form. However, he is accumulating offensive points in a number of occasions. Desri gave an assist in the match against FC Cologne in the 18th round, and displayed a perfect penetration on the left side in the 25th round against Werder Bremen to score a goal.

His performance was still disappointing, but he scored again against PSV Eindhoven in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

There was no complete transfer clause in Sancho’s loan transfer. Whether you like it or not, it is known that you have to return to Manchester United. However, it was recently reported that Manchester United offered a transfer fee for Sancho to Dortmund.
Britain’s “Manchester Evening News” reported on the 16th that “According to a report by Germany’s “Bild,” Manchester United informed Dortmund of Sancho’s complete transfer amount at 30 million pounds (about 50.9 billion won).”

“If Sancho moves to Dortmund, Manchester United will lose 43 million pounds (about 73 billion won),” he said. 토토사이트

“Considering that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has taken over for Manchester United, it is hard for him to accept such a loss. It is highly unlikely. For Dortmund, Sancho’s annual salary will be a stumbling block even if he agrees with Manchester United,” the Mirror said on Wednesday.

At the same time, the media added, “First of all, Manchester United are open to the sale of Sancho. It is also true that Dortmund is willing to pay a £30 million transfer fee.”

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