A Schaeffler Earns 28.2 Billion Won this Season

On the 21st (Korean time)

after the BMW Championship

the second leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs

the PGA Tour’s prize money for the 2022-23 season was officially counted. 

The PGA Tour does not recognize prize money given to the Tour Championship before the playoffs as official prize money

but treats it as bonus prize money.

As a result, Schaeffler, who earned 21,014,342 dollars (approximately 28.18 billion won) this season

recorded the highest prize money in a single season on the PGA Tour for the second consecutive year following last year.

 In particular, this season, he set a new milestone of exceeding $20 million in prize money in one season for the first time on the PGA Tour.

Schaeffler made the cut 22 times this season and finished in the top 10 16 times. In particular

he won 3.6 million dollars (approximately 4.82 billion won) by winning the WM Phoenix Open

a special tournament, and won the Players Championship, called the 5th major tournament, and won 4.5 million dollars (approximately 60 million won)

the most prize money on the PGA Tour. 3 billion) was obtained.

Schaeffler, who earned $14,046,910 (approximately 18.8 billion won) in the 2021-22 season

earned an additional $7 million this season and got about $35 million (approximately 46.9 billion won) in just two seasons. 

He also earned $42.5 million (approximately 57 billion won) 먹튀검증 during the four years he was active on the PGA Tour.

John Rahm (Spain), who won the Masters in major competitions this season and won 4 wins, earned a total of 16,522,608 dollars (approximately 22.2 billion won)

and Victor Hovlan (Norway)

who won the season 2 by winning the BMW Championship on the 21st

won 1411 It followed by acquiring $12,235 (approximately 18.9 billion won).

Rahm and Hovlan followed Schaeffler and ranked second and third for the most prize money in a single season on the PGA Tour.

 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), who won two games this season

earned 13,921,008 dollars (approximately 18.7 billion won)

ranking fifth in this category.

Schaeffler, who recorded $14,046,910 in prize money in the 2021-22 season

ranked fourth in this category

proving that the prize money earned by players in the last two seasons is the largest in PGA Tour history.

Analysts say that this is because the PGA Tour created a special tournament with a total prize money of 20 million dollars and significantly increased prize money for the four major tournaments and playoffs in order to check LIV Golf

which appeared last year.

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