Dodgers, 2 Japanese broadcasters ‘banned’ from the country

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly banned two Japanese broadcasters from covering the team.

“The Dodgers have frozen the press passes of two broadcasters, Nippon TV and Fuji TV,” Japanese media outlet Hyundai Business reported on Wednesday. This means that their press passes are no longer valid.

“Shohei Ohtani’s management company has also banned the broadcasters from broadcasting any future footage of Ohtani, including past footage,” the media outlet said. As a result, Nippon TV was reportedly forced to completely replace the footage in its special broadcast on the 9th.

When asked to confirm the facts, the broadcasters responded that “it is our practice not to answer questions about coverage” (Nippon TV) and “there is nothing to comment on” (Fuji TV).

The media pointed to over-coverage as the cause of the problem. After news broke that Otani had purchased a new mansion, they were overreached for follow-up coverage.

Hyundai Business quoted a local expatriate as saying, “The two broadcasters reported in detail about the superstar’s 1.2 billion yen (about 10.5 billion won) newlywed home near Los Angeles. It seems that there were concerns that (too much personal information) could pose a risk to his wife, Mamiko.”

Another outlet, Shukan Shojo, emphasized the views of a person who described himself as a journalist familiar with overseas sports. According to the report, he said that 스포츠토토 he had been told that there had been a number of reporters with cameras around his new mansion, and even a helicopter hovering overhead. This suggests that the residents may have felt uncomfortable or uneasy with the sudden access of reporters.

It’s worth noting that Otani’s reaction is unusual, as he has always been as friendly with the media as his character. If an expatriate or correspondent from Japan caught his eye, he would often deliberately approach and speak to them.

However, after the illegal gambling scandal involving his former interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, his demeanor changed considerably. He was very disappointed and angry that some Japanese media outlets raised unfounded suspicions that Otani himself 카지노사이트 was involved in illegal activities.

Add to that the intense coverage of his personal life, including his recent house purchase, and you can imagine that the “nuisance” to his neighbors must have been very frustrating.

In any case, the sanctions don’t seem to be limited to the Dodgers organization. The fact that his management company also went along with it suggests that he had a strong will.


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