Indonesian Third-Tier Player Dies After Being Struck by Lightning During Game

An unfortunate accident occurred.

“An Indonesian soccer player was killed by lightning on the field during a game.”

This is shocking and unfortunate news. The deceased player was Percikas Subanga, a club in the Indonesian third division (Liga 3), and after checking the video, he appears to be one of the defenders.

The media outlet said, “A tragic incident occurred. It was a friendly match, and the 30-year-old player collapsed shortly after being hit by massive lightning. The accident happened at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, the city of Jawa Island, Indonesia, where the match was held.”

According to Tribuna’s report, the player was rushed to the hospital, but died in the end due to serious physical damage. 릴게임

Indonesian media “VoilD” explained on the same day, “This is not the first time a player has been struck by lightning in a stadium. Previously, U.S. professional MMA fighter Jesse Henry was killed in an explosion caused by lightning while working as a firefighter.”

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