Sibiong Tech Wins Warsaw Open Tennis at Home…a career-high 15 wins

Sibi Ong Tech, which received $34,228 (about 43 million won) in prize money, won its fourth singles title this year alone. The latest victory before the tournament was the French Open, a major tournament in June.

In addition, Sibiong Tech achieved its 15th career title in the tour singles with this victory.

Sibiong Tech, who first won the 2020 French Open, reigned as the strongest woman’s tennis player by winning eight times last year alone, and has not missed the world’s No. 1 spot since April last year.

Sibiong Tech faced a suspension variable in the semifinals with a 6-15-5 lead over Janina Wickmeyer (Belgium, 93rd in the world) on the 29th local time. Due to the rain on the 27th, the game schedule was postponed by one day, and the game was not completed on the 29th due to sunset.

Sibiong Tech played the remaining semi-final match for about 30 minutes during the day on the 30th, and later succeeded in winning the Musil Set without any major crisis in the final.

Sibiong Tech said, “I’m grateful to my team and family. “It wasn’t easy to play in Warsaw, but I’m really happy that I did everything I could,” he said.


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