Sotnikova “Gold medal in Sochi” as if to watch doping controversy

The frame showed Sotnikova cheering with her right hand raised nine years ago. Sotnikova smiled brightly in front of the frame and said, “Nine and a half years have passed. Have you changed. Nothing seems to have changed,” he left a message.

Earlier on the 12th, Sotnikova refuted the doping allegations through SNS.

“Many media reported that I admitted to using banned drugs, but I said ‘doping was found,'” he said. “There was a scratch on the doping sample (at the time of the Sochi Olympics), and it was found.”

He appeared on the YouTube channel of Russian influencer Lilia Abramova on the 5th and said, “The doping test in 2014 was positive,” adding, “I was not disciplined because no problem was found when I took the second test.”

In response, the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee decided to request the International Olympic Committee (hereinafter referred to as the IOC) to re-investigate Sotnikova.

If the IOC accepts the request of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, the IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will re-examine urine samples collected in 2014. If a problem is found, Sotnikova’s gold medal will be deprived, and Kim Yu-na, who won the silver medal, will receive the gold medal.

Meanwhile, Sotnikova won the gold medal in the women’s singles at the Sochi Olympics, beating Kim Yu-na after a controversy over her biased judgment.listen to pronunciationCopysave translationsave translationsee more


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