The countdown to the appointment of interim coach in March

Power Enhancement Commission As Interim Coach of A Match in March
The burden of recruiting K-League coaches ahead of the opening of the season
Candidates for temporary supervision such as Hwang Sun-hong and Park Hang-seo

The Korea Football Association`s national team reinforcement committee will deploy temporary coaches to two consecutive rounds of qualifying matches for the 2026 North-Central U.S. World Cup, which will be held in March. Critics point out that the team might have been conscious of negative public opinions on the hasty appointment of a coach, as the team changed its plan to appoint an official coach in three days.

The committee held its second meeting at the soccer center in central Seoul on Wednesday, and decided to hold two consecutive World Cup qualifying matches against Thailand under interim coach system. Unlike the first meeting, the meeting was held in a closed room without press briefing.

Earlier, the committee agreed to appoint an official coach at its first meeting on Tuesday. However, the committee had a realistic chance of finding a coach candidate. Due to the tight time constraints, negative public opinion was raised on the decision to become too hasty. There were also concerns that if he becomes a coach in Korea, it would cause significant damage to the K-League, which is set to open soon. At a time when K-League 1 coaches are on the list of candidates for official coaches of the national team, strong backlash from soccer fans erupted.

“We strongly condemn the appointment of all K-League coaches, including Hong Myung-bo,” Ulsan supporters’ Cheoyong Warriors said of the most likely Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo. “We hope that the Korea Football Association will resolve this issue with a heavy sense of responsibility and awareness, rather than repeating the mistake of avoiding its mistakes by using the K-League coach as a shield.” Ulsan supporters also staged a truck protest in front of the soccer center with the phrase “Cancellation of discussions on the appointment of the K-League coach as a national team player.”

In the end, it is interpreted that the members of the Power Enhancement Committee agreed to turn the A match into a temporary supervision system in March.

There is another good thing about having the A-match system in March as a temporary coach. As the team will have sufficient time until June, the next A-match period, it can be freed from the burden of having to hand over the national team to incumbent managers in the K-League. If so, the team can appoint foreign coaches.

The Korea Football Association, which replaced former coach Jurgen Klinsmann (60·Germany) on the 16th, appointed Chung Hae-sung as the new chairman of the national team’s power reinforcement committee on the 20th and is speeding up its efforts to recruit a new head coach.

The committee plans to hold its third meeting this week. Chances are high that the committee will make a final conclusion through the third meeting and announce the appointment of a new coach. Analysts say that under the interim coach system, Hwang Sun-hong, who leads the under-23 national team, and Park Hang-seo, former coach of the Vietnamese national soccer team who is well versed in Southeast Asian soccer, could be cited as a strong candidate. 토토사이트

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