Who are the foreigners to shine in the 2024 K-League?

From Jesse Lingard 32, FC Seoul, who played for Manchester United to Odu 28, Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, and Arhan 23, Suwon FC, Indonesian national star players, the K-League is preparing for a new beginning of the 2024 season with foreign stars.

There are several notable foreign players who joined the K-League this season. There are players from Brazil who joined the league in large numbers as usual, Asian quarter players of various nationalities, and players from European big leagues.

Lingard Seoul, Odu Chungbuk Cheongju from Europe’s big league

In this winter’s transfer market, Seoul Lingard was called the best big name recruitment in K-League history and boasted tremendous buzz as soon as he joined the club.

Lingard, a former member of the English national team, played for 13 years only in the English Premier League, including Manchester United, West Ham and Nottingham Forest, after his professional debut through Manchester United Youth, a world-renowned soccer player. Lingard is a multi-player resource that can play both offensive midfielders and wing forwards, and is expected to revitalize Seoul’s attack based on his high level of skills and rich experience this season.

Odu, Chungcheongbuk-do Province, is a former Tottenham Hotspur Youth player and played for Tottenham U18 and Tottenham U21 teams after signing a professional contract with Tottenham. Odu, who has multiple nationalities in England and Nigeria, also has played as a national team by age in both England and Nigeria. On the professional stage, he has gained abundant experience through various overseas leagues, including England, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, and Azerbaijan. Odu is a winger with a solid physique of 191 centimeters, speed and personal ability, and is expected to strengthen Chungcheongbuk-do Province’s fast attack this season.

Kelvin Ulsan, Vinicius Jeonbuk, Thales, and Italy Jeju are prominent Brazilians

A large number of Brazilian players, who are revitalizing the K-League every season, joined again this time.

First of all, Ulsan Kelvin, who is from Brazil, is a standby player who made his professional debut in the EC Sangjoje in Serie D, the fourth division of Brazil, and gradually entered Serie A in the first division of Brazil and played as a main player in the Atleciku Goiani city. Kelvin can play all the positions of second-line offensive midfielders, including left and right wing forwards, and has a wide range of attack skills, including dribbling, breaking, shooting, and passing using his unique individual skills.

Vinicius, another Brazilian, played as a starting member of Atletico Uila, Colombia’s first division until last season. Vinicius is a playmaker-type striker with a wide field of vision, and is characterized by his ability to coordinate offense and defense and breakthrough with his signature foot skills. Vinicius is expected to play in the Samba Trio with proven Brazilian strikers such as Hernandez and Thiago from Jeonbuk.

Jeju has hired Brazilian duo Thales and Italo, who will play as a flanker and in defensive midfield positions. The two players will likely be able to adapt quickly with the help of Brazilian teammates Hayes and Yuri, who are already playing key roles in Jeju.

Meanwhile, South Gyeongsang Province has recruited Elio, a promising player born in 2000 from Brazil. Despite his young age, Elio has abundant experience through various teams in Serie A and B, and is expected to revitalize the team based on his fast penetration into space and technical dribbling skills.

Arhan Suwon FC, Popovich Gwangju, Aspro Pohang, Alikulov Busan Asian Quarter of various nationalities

Asian quarter players from various nationalities have also joined this season.

As soon as he joined Suwon FC, Indonesian superstar Arhan received high expectations. Arhan, who is currently an active national team player, is a flanker with long throw-in, daredevil dribbling and passing skills and is loved by many fans in his country. As evidenced by Arhan’s high popularity, Arhan’s social media accounts have more than three times as many followers as his team’s official SNS.

Australian center backs who joined the K-League are also notable. Gwangju recruited Popovich, who played an active role in Adelaide United in Australia, and Pohang recruited Aspro, the main defender of MacArthur FC.

Popovich is a former member of the Australian youth team who boasts fast speed, agility, and space cover. Asprow has already displayed compliance in both the first and second rounds of the AFC Champions League round of 16, raising expectations for this season.

Busan has also hired Uzbekistan defender Alikulov. Based on his fast speed, Alikulov is expected to greatly contribute to Busan’s defense team as he has active interpersonal pressure and defense capability in the back.

Kamiya Gangwon, Yoshino Daegu, Yukiya Gyeongnam, Miyuki Chungbuk Cheongju…New-faced Japanese players

Japanese players who newly entered the K-League in the Asian quarter are also notable.

Gangwon has hired playmaker-type striker Kamiya. Kamiya has played for various J-League teams, including Shonan Belmare, Kashiwa Reysol, and Shimizu S Pulse, and is expected to be utilized in various offensive options for Kangwon based on his robust performance.

Daegu recruited defensive midfielder Yoshino to fill the void left by Keita due to expiration of his contract. Yoshino is a veteran who has played in the J-League for nearly 10 years, including the Tokyo Verdi, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Kyoto Sanga, Begata Sendai and Yokohama. With good reading skills and kick skills, Yoshino is a versatile resource that can be played by both defensive midfielders and center backs.

In addition, Gyeongnam strengthened its power by recruiting midfielder Yukiya, who has extensive experience in various overseas leagues such as Spain, Thailand, Sweden, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and Chungbuk Cheongju recruited veteran offensive midfielder Miyuki, who played in the J-League for 12 years. 토토사이트 추천

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