The only full-time, Seol Young-woo!

‘The only full-time’ Seol Young-woo, 98.7% pass success rate against AT Madrid + 1st place in blocks… ‘The dignity of AG Waka’

“It was the hardest time since my professional debut.”

Seol Young-woo (25, Ulsan Hyundai), the only team K-League (K-League All-Star) agent who played full-time in the match against Atletico Madrid (ATM) through the heat wave, said this with a tired look, but stressed that it was a “happy experience.” 스포츠토토

Seol Young-woo was the only member of the Team K League to play full time for 90 minutes in the first game of the ATM and Coupang Play series at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th.

Coach Hong Myung-bo changed many players in the first and second half of the year, giving all those who were selected as All-Stars a chance to play. In the first half, all native K leaguers such as Joo Min-kyu (Ulsan) and Na Sang-ho (Seoul) started and played, while foreign players such as Jeka (Pohang), Cesinha (Daegu), and Gerso (Incheon) were put in the second half. In the 20th minute of the second half, all 10 of the 11 starters in the first half were changed.

Seol Young-woo was the only starting agent left on the ground. Head coach Hong tried to give all-star resources evenly to match the purpose of the game, but was excluded when Timo (Gwangju), a central defensive resource, was tested positive for COVID-19. Instead, one defensive resource had to fill the gap, but Hong chose Seol Young-woo.

K League 1, the All-Star break, will resume with 25 rounds from August 4 to 5. If he plays too hard in the ATM match and even gets injured, his team’s coach may complain. In consideration of this, Hong asked Seol Young-woo, his team player and multi-defense ability, to understand before the game, “Is it okay to play full-time?” and then asked him to play until the end with consent.

Seol Young-woo played as a right fullback and played as a central defender in the second half. It was a great performance. He was the only team K-League player to record more than 50 passes while playing full-time, with a 98.7% success rate (76 out of 77 successful). The attack area, central area, and long-distance passes were all 100% successful. In defense, he also stood out in all categories, including two intercepts, four clearings, three acquisitions, and three blocks. The opponent’s shot block is the team’s No. 1 overall.

Combined with Seol Young-woo’s sacrifice, the team K League won 3-2 with Lee Soon-min’s right-footed theater winning goal, which received a pass from Gersault in the extra time of the second half when they faced 2-2.

In a meeting with reporters after the game, he said, “It was the hardest game I’ve ever played in a professional game, and I think it went by like crazy,” adding, “The opponent’s counterattack speed was the speed I only played in games.” Not to mention passing accuracy. “My personal ability was so good,” he looked back. “I also wanted to win because it was a good experience. To be honest, I didn’t see much possibility of winning, but I think it will be an unforgettable memory because I did well and won.”

Regarding ATM star striker Antoine Griezmann, who had been closely watching even before the game, he said, “I wanted to watch Griezmann carefully before the game, but I didn’t have time to watch it. “(ATM player) It’s all like Griezmann.” He reportedly traded his uniform with Griezmann after the game. “After the game, I approached and said Seol Young-woo, and Griezmann knew,” said Seol Young-woo, who laughed, “I asked him to change his shirt, and he asked me to wait inside the locker room.” I waited for about 20 minutes. “I’ve never waited for anyone like this, but I’ve only waited because of Griez,” he said with a smile.

Seol Young-woo, who showed off his value in the ATM match, also proved his qualification as a wild card at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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