Wasn’t it a Manchester United stake?

I guess he doesn’t intend to put a stake in Manchester United.

Defender Harry Maguire could leave Manchester United in the upcoming summer transfer window. The team that wants him is West Ham United.

“West Ham want to recruit Manchester United Maguire,” adding, “West Ham manager David Moyes is a big fan of him.”

West Ham’s preparations for Maguire were also made last summer. “West Ham agreed to move to Maguire with Manchester United for 30 million pounds about 50.9 billion won last summer, but the deal was canceled because Manchester United wanted too much,” the media said. “A year later, West Ham still wants him and is preparing between 15 million pounds about 25.4 billion won and 20 million pounds about 33.9 billion won for his transfer fee.”

Maguire left Leicester City in the summer of 2019 to join Manchester United. His transfer fee was 87 million euros about 162.6 billion won. At the time, the fee was the highest ever for a Premier League defender and was unbroken for four years. Last summer, the record was broken when Manchester City signed Yosuko Gvardiol for 90 million euros about 130.6 billion won.

However, Maguire’s performance at Manchester United was quite disappointing. At the time of his transfer, Maguire was one of the best defenders in the Premier League and continued to play as a defender for the English national team. His performance at Manchester United was close to the worst.

His biggest weakness was his slow feet. Standing 194 centimeters tall, he was stronger than anyone else in the air ball, but could easily give up space to fast strikers. Teams that faced Manchester United only targeted Maguire, and his slow feet kept allowing runs.

Maguire gradually lost his position and was completely excluded from the starting lineup last season. Erik ten Hag, who took charge last season, appointed Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez, who he brought, as starting center backs. The strength of the two players was their fast speed, which put United in third place last season.

There seemed to be no place for Maguire this season, but Varane and Martinez left due to injuries, giving Maguire a chance. Maguire seemed to fill the spot where the main center backs were missing due to injuries.

Maguire is in the best shape since moving to Manchester United this season. Football statistics magazine Football Mob gave Maguire the best rating this season. The past two seasons have been under 7 points, but the average rating given to him this season is 7.19, which is close to 7.2 points. This is higher than the 7.1 points recorded immediately after the transfer to Manchester United.

However, it is likely that this will be Maguire’s last season at United. United will also be selling him in the transfer window this summer.

His contract with Manchester United ends in the summer of 2025, and there is only one season left after this season. Manchester United has no intention of renewing Maguire’s contract, so if they fail to sell him this season, they have to offer him as a free agent. From Manchester United’s point of view, they are selling him for a small transfer fee.

Despite Maguire’s performance this season, his value has been halved compared to last summer. Compared to the 50 billion won offered by West Ham last summer, his estimated transfer fee this summer is around 25 billion won. Manchester United has reached the point where they feel grateful for selling, let alone recovering the principal.

West Ham have four center-backs including Kurt Zouma, who played for Chelsea in the past, and Angelo Ogbonna, who played for West Ham for 10 years, but they are all disappointed. West Ham, ranked seventh in the Premier League, have allowed 50 runs in the league alone this season, more runs than Crystal Palace, ranked 14th. Reinforcement of defense is essential this summer.

“West Ham will ask him for a two or three-year contract and West Ham will try hard to persuade him to sign him,” said The Sun. 토토사이트

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