Women’s Professional Volleyball Road Construction 3-Year

Coach Kim Jong-min being rinsed by players

Women’s professional volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation announced today (22nd) that it has renewed a 3-year contract with coach Kim Jong-min (49)

who won the championship with a monumental reverse sweep in last season’s championship match

with the best treatment ever for the women’s division.

I did.

If coach Kim

who is guaranteed a tenure until the 2025-2026 season

completes the contract period

he will direct road construction for 10 years

surpassing Lee Jeong-cheol

former director of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (2010-2019)

and become the longest tenure manager in women’s professional volleyball history.

Since coach Kim took office as the head of the Korea Expressway Corporation in 2016

he has led the 2017-2018 season of the Korea Expressway 카지노사이트 Corporation’s first integrated championship (regular league and championship match).


last season

after 2 losses to Heungkuk Life Insurance

he had a second toast by winning the miraculous match of 3 consecutive wins.

The Korea Expressway Corporation club said

After winning the V-League twice after its establishment

and with excellent team management skills

we highly valued the performance that played a big role in establishing the team as a prestigious club

so we decided to renew the contract with manager Kim.

Through the club

coach Kim said

I am grateful to the club for believing in (me) and offering a good contract

and I will show Korea Expressway Corporation’s unique volleyball through various attempts from a long-term perspective.

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