Yoon In-na gets suspended… KLPGA discusses 14-day suspension reduction

The Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) will discuss whether Yoon In-na, 20, who came under fire for playing with a ball that didn’t belong to her at last year’s Korean Women’s Open Golf Championship and then delaying reporting the incident, should be reinstated early.

The KLPGA announced on Wednesday that it will discuss Yoon In-na’s request for a reduction in her discipline at its board meeting on Thursday.

Yoon In-na, who made her KLPGA Tour debut last year and won one title and became a fan favorite for her fierce long-hitting, was suspended for three years after it was later discovered that she violated rules at the Korean Women’s Open in June.

After her tee shot on the 15th hole in the first round of last year’s Korean Women’s Open went wide right, Yoon found a ball in the rough and played on, even though she later realized it was not hers.

About a month later, in July, she voluntarily reported the misplay to the Korea Golf Association (KGA), which organizes the Korea Women’s Open.

As a result, Yoon received a three-year ban from the KGA in August last year, followed by a three-year ban from the KLPGA about a month later.

After being banned from all domestic tournaments, Yoon took a period of self-restraint, performing community service and donating the winnings from a US Minor League Golf Tour tournament.

However, in September this year, the KGA reduced his suspension from three years to one year and six months, which means that his suspension will end on February 18 next year.

Yoon In-na, who will not be able to play in any other KLPGA Tour tournaments except the Korean Women’s Open until 2025 even if the KGA discipline is lifted, has also requested a reduction in her discipline from the KLPGA, and it will be interesting to see if the KLPGA will follow suit as it is on the board’s agenda.

If the KLPGA’s suspension is the same length as the KGA’s and ends in February next year, Yoon will be able to return to the KLPGA Tour in 2024. 사설토토

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