Its Fencing Saber Grand Prix, Oh Sang-wook Challenges 3rd Win

Fencing Saber Grand Prix Held in Seoul from the 4th to the 6th… Oh Sang-wook Challenges for 3rd Consecutive Win

The Korean fencing saber team will check its competitiveness in an international competition held at home ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Korea Fencing Association and the International Fencing Federation (FIE) will hold the 2024 Seoul SK Telecom International Grand Prix Championships at the SK Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park for three days starting on the 4th.

The Grand Prix is ​​a prestigious international fencing competition that awards the second largest number of world ranking points after the Olympics and World Championships, and Korea has been hosting the Saber Grand Prix since 2015.

About 270 athletes from 34 countries will participate in this year’s competition to compete. 파워볼

In Korea, 40 players will participate, led by veteran Koo Bon-gil (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) of the men’s national team.

In particular, since the competition is held about two months before the Paris Olympics, it also has the character of a ‘mock test’.

Oh Sang-wook (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall, 5th place), who has the highest individual world ranking among Korean saber players, will defend the men’s title.

Oh Sang-wook won this competition in 2019, and later maintained the top spot last year when the competition was not held in the aftermath of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), but resumed after four years.

The Korean men’s saber team, where Oh Sang-wook, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jeong-hwan (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), and Kim Jun-ho (Hwaseong City Hall) worked together for a long time and won the team gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, has seen changes due to Kim Jun-ho’s retirement from the national team after the Hangzhou Asian Games gold medal last year.

I went through a period.

While Oh Sang-wook and Koo Bon-gil are still alive and well, this year, Ha Han-sol (Seongnam City Hall), Do Gyeong-dong (Armed Forces Athletic Corps), and Park Sang-won (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall) have joined in and won prizes in team competitions at international competitions.

What kind of performance will they show in this competition? I’m interested.

In the women’s division, attention is paid to the performances of Jisoo Yoon, the gold medalist in the individual event at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and Hayoung Jeon, a rising star born in 2001 (hereinafter referred to as Seoul Metropolitan Government).

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