LG Marey, who started individual training, will he return shortly after the A match break?

Will Changwon LG’s pillars return to normal.

LG’s foreign player Asem Maray 32, 204 centimeters has started his return. “Maray has started his individual training. His knee has become much more painful. He will take advantage of the A-match break to conduct tests for his return, including participation in team training,” an LG official said on Tuesday.

Maray has not played since April 9 due to knee injury. As pain lingered, LG temporarily recruited Josh Ibarra 29, 210 cm as a substitute foreign player. The contract period between Ibarra and LG ended on May 15. LG initially left open the possibility of change in foreign players’ recruitment depending on Maray’s knee condition, but decided to play the rest of the regular league games with Maray and Juan Tello 39, 204 cm. As a result, the timing of Maray’s return has become important.

Maray and LG have been together for three seasons. Manager Cho Sang-hyun, who took the helm of LG last season, made the team’s central axis Maray. Maray played a number of roles in both ball and water. This season, LG has been competing at the top of the list thanks to Maray’s solid performance. This is why they did not give up and waited despite Maray’s prolonged injury. The fact that it does not take long for the team to regain 100% of its performance when Maray returns healthy also played a role.

LG’s first game after the break from the A-match will be a match against the Articles of Incorporation in Anyang on March 1. If Mari successfully performs his individual training, LG will have him join the team’s training about a week before the match, and will weigh the timing of his return to action.

Maray played an average of about 30 minutes in 29 games this season, scoring 16.2 points, 15.3 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1.5 steals, and 0.7 block shots. The figures clearly show the share of balls and water. In addition, coach Cho believes that Maray’s value cannot be assessed only by figures. This is because Maray is the key player of ball and hand tactics he envisions. If Maray returns to good health right after the A-match break, LG’s pace to reclaim second place is expected to accelerate. 토토사이트

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